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NEWS FLASH: Chief Justice John Roberts (of all people) TEMPORARILY OBSTRUCTS Biden's Effort to End Trump's Border Policy #immigration #border #title42
In this 62-minute #theConservativeTAKE video, Kyle talked with @ChadOJackson, co-writer of and featured in "Uncle Tom II" (also featured in "Uncle Tom"). Chad provides vast insight into the research involved in the making of the films and moreover, how covert Marxist organizations co-opted & subverted the Civil Rights Movement.
We have known for a few days but this makes it official...
In our latest #theConservativeTAKE expose, we provide 12 Facts Everyone Should Know About Babies At 15 Weeks Of Gestation...
We are happy to announce our formal relationship with Ethan Winstanley, the bright, young, social media and political commentator whose YouTube channel is currently on fire. Tune in this Saturday at 2pm EST; 7pm UTC for our live stream where we will be introducing this formally. Meanwhile, you can catch all of his videos on right (under the 'Network' tab) now where you can also subscribe to his channel (
Our latest 47 second video took over 8 hours over 4 days to produce...
Join us for a thought-provoking live stream on Kyle and British patriot, Ethan Winstanley , as they shed light on one of the darkest periods in human history. In this special live stream event, they will expose the lies and falsehoods surrounding the African Slave Trade and reveal the truth about America and Great Britain's pivotal role in bringing this heinous practice to an end.

Through their in-depth analysis and insightful commentary, Kyle and Ethan will debunk many of the current false narratives that are prominent in today's culture. This first hour will be streamed on YouTube, Facebook, and Rumble simultaneously, so don't miss your chance to learn the truth and engage in a lively discussion with other viewers.

But that's not all. In the second hour, which will be exclusively available on Rumble, Kyle and Ethan will delve even deeper into the topic, exploring how the legacy of slavery plays into the larger issue of global collectivism.
It is a disgraceful and alarming time in our nation's history when those in power seek to handcuff and book former President Donald Trump purely for the sake of optics. However, this blatant attempt to humiliate and silence a man who has done nothing wrong is a clear sign that President Trump is on the side of the American people.

Throughout his presidency, President Trump faced unprecedented opposition from the globalist elite, the corrupt establishment politicians in both parties, and the unhinged Democratic Party. Yet, despite their constant attacks, President Trump's message of putting America first resonated with millions of patriotic citizens across the country.

His leadership and policies delivered unprecedented prosperity for all Americans, including historically low unemployment rates for African Americans and other minorities. The liberal elites and the mainstream media could not stand to see a president who put the American people first and worked tirelessly to make our country great again.

Despite all their efforts to demonize and silence him, President Trump still won more votes in the 2020 election than in 2016, with many black men abandoning the Democratic Party to support him.

The collapse of Trump's booming economy during the pandemic was a deliberate attempt to undermine his greatest achievement as president. The fact that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son, is living in mansions paid for by US taxpayers while President Trump faces potential handcuffing is a glaring example of the double standards and corruption in our government.

We cannot allow this injustice to go unchallenged. It is time for all Americans of integrity to stand up and demand that our leaders show respect for the rule of law and the rights of all citizens, regardless of their political affiliations.

We must pray for President Trump and demand that those who seek to persecute him be held accountable. Those who remain silent in the face of such injustice have no integrity and no place in our government.

President Trump has done nothing wrong, and he deserves to be treated with the same respect and dignity as any other citizen. It is time for us to unite as Americans and demand justice for President Trump and for all Americans who are unjustly persecuted by those in power.